by Jerry Vines

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John 1:41-42.
Jerry Vines
People Jesus Met #3

Jesus met a man and he changed this man's life. You would
like Simon Peter. Simon Peter was a big, handsome, rugged,
outgoing kind of man. He was the kind of the person who
would always be the life of the party. Personality analysis
would say that he was a sanguine, that is, he is outward,
big, boisterous, always the kind of guy where excitement
will be. He is probably the best known of all of the
disciples of the Lord Jesus. There is more about Simon
Peter than any other of the disciples of our Lord. In fact,
it says more about Simon than any other and Simon says more
than any other of the disciples--all of them put together.
Simon Peter, this man who met the Lord Jesus. Jesus met him
and changed his life.

I guess the word that really comes to mind when I think of
Simon Peter is the word, impulsive. Whatever he did, he did
in a big way. If he had a success, it was a big one. If he
had a failure, it was a whopper. You see that in the words
he says. One time he was up on a mountain with Jesus and
the Lord was transfigured. The Bible says that he said,
"Lord, it's good to be here." He didn't know what to say.
He had a way of when he didn't know what to say, saying
something. So, the words he said were always big words. The
things he did. One time he gets in a little altercation
with a man and cuts off his ear. On another occasion we see
him outrunning another disciple on the way to view the
empty tomb. He always did things in a big way. He had a
big, impulsive, demonstrative love for the Lord Jesus. Two
times Simon Peter jumped out of a boat to go to Jesus. One
time on the water and another time in the water. It didn't
matter to him which way, he just loved Jesus and wanted to
be near Him.

All of us know somebody like Simon Peter. All of us have
been around a Simon Peter. When we are around the guy he's
just a ba ...

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