MATTHEW 27:62-28:15

by Jerry Vines

MATTHEW 27:62-28:15
Dr. Jerry Vines
When Jesus died on the cross they took Him down from the
cross and buried Him in a new tomb. We are told in chapter 27:60 that
it was the tomb of Joseph of Arimathaea. It was a new tomb which means
that it was a freshly made tomb or that it was an unused tomb. No one
had ever been placed there before but when Jesus died the body of Jesus
was placed in that tomb. Then they took a great stone and rolled it
over the door. What a scene this really is to us. Here is the Rock of
Ages now in an aging rock. Here is the Light of the World and he
shrouded in darkness. Here is the one who has come to give life and yet
he is now dead. So we have the scene of the Lord Jesus Christ being
buried in the tomb. You and I know that this is not the final word of
the Gospel. We believe the gospel of Jesus Christ. The word, gospel,
literally means Good News. There would be no good news if all we have
is the death and the burial of Jesus. In I Corinthians 15 the apostle
Paul lays out the essential ingredients of the gospel when he says,
"Christ died for our sins, he was buried and the third day he rose
again." The Good News is not merely that Jesus died and was buried in
that tomb. But it is the good news that three days later Jesus rose
again from the dead.
In Acts 1:3 the Bible says that Jesus showed himself alive
by many infallible (unmistakable) proofs. There are many evidences for
the reality of the resurrection. There are many bases upon which a
person can rest his believe that Jesus Christ is a living Savior. One
of these is the evidence of the empty tomb. The fact that Jesus
Christ's body came out literally from that tomb after three days and
three nights. If they had put a sign on the tomb the day Jesus was
buried it would have read "Occupied." Three days later if they put up a
sign it would have read, "Vacant." Jesus Christ is no longer in that
tomb, he rose again from the dead. The verses we are goin ...

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