by Jerry Vines

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The Man to Whom Jesus Said Nothing (12 of 14)
Jerry Vines
Luke 23:8-12

For a number of weeks I have been pursuing a series of studies about People Jesus met. Along the way the Lord Jesus Christ came in contact with many interesting people. Jesus had a great deal to say to these individuals. It seem that Jesus always had a word for those who needed it. Sometimes it would be a tender word of forgiveness. At other times it would be a stern word of rebuke. Jesus traveled on many journeys to speak a word. And o, how Jesus could speak. So, often He did.

I guess that's why it so surprising to me when I come to this particular passage to find that here is a man to whom Jesus said not a single word. He always had a word for others. He had a word for Nicodemas. Jesus spoke to him that word about what it means to be born again. He had a word for the woman at the well whose heart was empty and thirsty for the water of life. Jesus had a special word for her. Jesus had a word for little Zachaeus, the little man who invited Jesus into his home. Jesus said to him, ''Today is salvation come to this house.'' Jesus always seemed to have a word for those people.

But here is an instance in the Bible, in the life of the Lord, where Jesus has not a single word to say to the individual. It's rather startling, a stunning development. It's not at all what we would expect to find in the life of the Lord Jesus. Who is this man to whom Jesus spoke not a word?

The Bible tells us in verse 8 that his name was Herod. There are several Herods in the Bible and you can get confused about it. So, let's have about a 30 second history lesson. There was Herod Agrippa I who murdered the apostle James. There was Herod Agrippa II before whom Paul stood and witnessed. There was old Herod the Great, the one who slaughtered the little babies in the village of Bethlehem. Then there is this Herod-Herod Antipas. He is the son of Herod the Great. He is a chip off the old block. He is just as godless ...

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