by Jerry Vines

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John 4:1-30
Jerry Vines
People Jesus Met #4

We are in a series of messages around the them, People Jesus Met. One of those is found in
the fourth chapter of the Gospel of John. John 4 tells us of Madonna and her waterpot.
No one could deal with people the way the Lord Jesus did. In John 2:25 the Bible says that
no one had to tell Jesus about people because He knew what was in man. Of course, Jesus had the
advantage over us because He was not only a man, He was also God. He was able to look into the
hearts of men. The Lord Jesus Christ indeed was the Great Psychologist. Jesus encountered all
kinds of individuals -- people who were very different in their circumstances and in their needs. I
can't help but just mention in passing the contrast between the woman at the well in John 4 and
Nicodemas in John 3. What a difference those two people are. Here is a woman. Here is a man.
Here is a Samaritan. Here is a Jew. Here is a party girl and here is a preacher. Here is one who is
lost, down and out. Here is one who is lost, up and out. Doesn't really matter who they are the Lord
Jesus not only was the Great Psychologist, but Jesus talked to people and dealt with people in order
to bring them to salvation. He was the Great Soulwinner also.
We learn a great deal from this encounter of our Lord with the one I have called Madonna.
The Madonna of the New Testament time. It tells us a great deal how you and I can go about the
matter of introducing other people to the Lord Jesus. We are going to follow a very simple approach
in our study for this particular message.
Notice first of all -
I. The WELL.
Verse 6,"Now Jacob's well was there." We know where this well is. There is no question
about its location in Bib ...

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