by Jerry Vines

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A Lost Church Member (5 of 14)
Series: People Jesus Met
Jerry Vines
John 3:1-15

Some of you who keep records of these kinds of things know that I have on more than one occasion used this chapter 3 of John. But I'm taking an altogether different approach this morning. In the study on People Jesus Met, we run across this passage of Scripture because Jesus met a lost church member. I believe God has a message for every church member in this congregation from these verses.

Sometime ago I was talking to a man about his relationship to Christ and in the course of the conversation he said to me, "I am a Christian, but I am not a born again Christian." Of course, you and I know this is an impossibility. You cannot be a Christian unless you are born again. If you are born again you are a Christian. A born again Christian is what the Bible talks about. But it is possible to be a church member and not be a born again church member. It's possible to be a Baptist and yet not a born again Baptist. You can be a Methodist and not be a born again Methodist. You can be a Catholic and not be a born again Catholic. It is possible to be a member of a church and not be a member of the family of God.

I have a feeling in this vast congregation that the overwhelming percentage of you are members of a church. If we took a little poll the percentage would be as high or higher than 90% of you who have a membership in a church. But the question I raise is -- are you a born again church member? Have you had the experience Jesus talks about to the man named Nicodemas.

Nicodemas is one of the most familiar characters in all of the Bible. Nicodemas, I have a feeling was an old man. He is a man who was brought up in religious activities and atmosphere. Yet when you read what the Bible says about him you will discover he is what we call a church member and yet had never been born again. To step even further you could say he was a preacher and yet not been b ...

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