by Jerry Vines

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Holy Heartburn (14 of 14)
Jerry Vines
Luke 24:28-35

The last time I was in the Holy Land, on the day just before we left, we were on our way to Jerusalem to Tel Aviv and Mr. Maurice Templeton, my friend, said, "Would you like to go to the village of Emmaus?" For a number of years that particular spot has been closed to travelers, but they had opened it up for a period of time.

I said, "O, I would love to." So, we went over the village of Emmaus and went on this very road that this scripture is about where Jesus walked along with these two disciples and opened up the scriptures to them. As we were walking on that Emmaus road I opened up my Bible and read this 24th chapter of the Gospel of Luke which tells us of the experience of Jesus and the two disciples on the Emmaus road. I experienced that afternoon what I call a holy heartburn. My heart began to burn within me. My soul was stirred and my life was blessed.

This is exactly what happened to these original disciples. There are two of them--Cleopas, and the other one is unnamed. They are walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus. It's a trip of about seven miles. It is a little village northwest of Jerusalem. They are walking along and Jesus (who by the way, has just come back from the dead) joins them and is walking along with them. And they have a holy heartburn experience. I believe this is the kind of experience that many of us in this building today need to have. I think there are many of us who have known the Lord for a long, long time and we need to have our hearts stirred and moved by the presence of Jesus once again. There are many of you who have never come to know Christ as your Savior and you need to have a real experience with Jesus that will move your heart, change your life, and give you a future hope for eternity.

We are not saved by our feelings. I want to make that very clear. Nowhere in the Bible does it tell us that you have to feel a certain way in order to be saved. We ...

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