by Jerry Vines

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A Death Row Conversion (13 of 14)
Jerry Vines
Luke 23:39-49

There are a number of people who are on death row in the prisons in the state of Florida. Perhaps you have read in the newspaper that the governor of Florida, Lawton Chiles, is asking that we suspend the death penalty for a period of time in order to give the legislature an opportunity to vote that the method of execution be lethal injection. It is a great debate--the whole matter of the death penalty and this particular approach to punishment. We have a very fine member of our church who has been embroiled and caught up in some of the crossfire of this anti-death penalty debate. I have known Judge A.C. Soud for over 20 years. He is a deacon in our church, a Sunday School teacher, and very faithful to our church. He is a man of impeccable credentials and unquestioned integrity. I am grateful we have judges who are Christians and have strong convictions and are serving in places of great responsibility like Judge Soud does.

Regardless of what the legislature decides there are a number of people on death row. We have Prison Ministry in our fellowship led by Jim Williams. Regularly they visit these men on death row. Often the videos of our services here are played to the prisoners who are on death row. Our Prison Ministry has had the opportunity to see many, many people come to know Christ right there on death row. They experience the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

What we are going to study in our scripture tonight is a death row conversion. It is one of the most encouraging and informative passages of scripture in all of the Bible. Keep in the mind the scene. We are at the hill called Calvary. The Lord Jesus has been led out of the city of Jerusalem, up the hill of Calvary, and He has been nailed to a cross.

Many faces come to our vision as we look around. We see Simon, the man who bore the cross of Jesus up to that place. We see the reli ...

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