by Jerry Vines

Love's Extravagance
Dr. Jerry Vines
Matthew 26:1-13

We're beginning now with the chapters that have to do with our Lord's passion and with His resurrection. I want to speak this morning on the subject, Love's Extravagance, and I think you will follow the thought as we follow on down through these verses.

The Lord Jesus has completed His public ministry. In the first verse of this chapter we are told that He has finished all of these sayings referring in particularly to chapters 24 and 25 where Jesus has told His disciples what to expect at the end of the age. He has now completed the public ministry of His teaching, of His healing, and of His teaching. His attention now is turned totally and completely to the moment for which He had come into the world. He is moving now to the cross. He is going to that place where He will lay down His life for the sins of the whole world. The cross, the focal point of human history. The cross, the central theme of all of the Bible. The cross, in the heart of God from all eternity. The cross where a sinful man can meet a holy God and be forgiven of his sins. And as we move through particularly chapter 26 and 27, we will see that intermingling of the plan of God and the passions of men. All our thoughts now are devoted to the cross. You know, there is something special about the cross. There is something about the message of the cross that never fails to touch the hearts of individuals. Those of us who know the Lord Jesus as our Savior and have been by faith to the cross receive the blood of Christ as an atonement for our sins know that the cross is the most sacred spot in human history. You and I understand that were it not for that cross had Jesus Christ not resolutely gone to the cross and there died, you and I would not have a hope. And yet, Jesus went to Calvary and we love Him and we praise Him and we magnify Him for that fact.

In the first two verses of this chapter we see the announcing of the cross. This is not u ...

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