by Jerry Vines

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Enemy Matters (5 of 19)
Heart Matters
Jerry Vines
I Samuel 24

This chapter talks about enemy matters. David was a man after God's own heart so we are calling this series Your Heart Matters and how to deal with a variety of circumstances and situations that come into your life. This one has to do with the matters of enemies and how to deal with enemies. This is a very informative and helpful chapter and I don't want to rush on past it and not find everything God has for us. Some of the things I say are repetitious from what I've said previously, but I'll expand on them and go into it a little bit more in detail.

These years of David are called the fugitive years. For about ten years David is a fugitive from Saul. He has been selected and anointed by the Lord to be the successor of Saul. God has rejected Saul because of his disobedience and has now selected David to take his place. But there is a period of years here of about ten years when David is the victim of the antagonism and hatred of King Saul. Saul knows it is all over for him. He knows he has been rejected of the Lord, yet he is trying to prevent the inevitable and deny the sovereign will and sovereign plan of God. Saul is a man who has allowed jealousy to take control of his life. Jealousy can be a terrible, terrible thing. It can make you do some awful things. It was certainly true in the life of Saul. Jealousy is now controlling his heart and there is one passion in his life and that is to kill David.

So, David is on the run, hiding anywhere he can. He's hiding in caves. Earlier we saw he went into the attempt of Saul to take his life. Now, he has come to an other cave in the area of the wilderness of Engedi. This is down in the southern part of the land of Israel, near the Dead Sea. It's on the western banks of the Dead Sea. There's a beautiful little park and a spring in that area now. Right up from that there are caves in the mountainsides of the wilderne ...

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