by Jerry Watts

An Inconvenient Truth
Jerry Watts
John 2:23-25

This past week I heard several things which I think will impact me for years to come, if not until the day I die. First, Tom Eliff began his messages by telling us exactly what the invitation would be at the end of his message and second, he spoke to us about the altar which will be open for an altar call. With every word he spoke in explaining the altar, my heart pumped vigorously because of the truth contain in his appeal.

Some of you are unfamiliar with the altar because it is not a part of your life and you are missing one of the greatest spiritual joys that you could ever know. At the altar is where the Christian life finds meaning, purpose, and joy. The altar is the place you discover the secrets of walking intimately with God. The altar is the place where you become what God wants you to be, it is the place where He conforms you into the image of His only Son.
However, even though the Bible is filled with altars and people who know, love, and follow God building altars, some people will never come to the altar because the altar is a place of death. It is a place where you leave things, a place where things die, and a place where you sacrifice. For all these reasons and more, some people will never come to an altar. Are you one of these?

Let me say a word about the invitation which I will offer when I finish. In just a few minutes, I will give an invitation for you to authentically respond to Jesus. Sometimes members get the wrong idea about preachers. Delivering 'good' 'well-developed' and 'inspirational' sermons which no one remembers is not really the goal, offering a message that calls people to follow Christ and be changed by His power to the point that every listener receives forgiveness for sin through the blood of Jesus, is ultimately transformed by the power of Christ, and surrenders their total life to Christ is indeed why a preacher stand week by week to preach. Today let's read this unre ...

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