by Jerry Watts

A Model Deacon
Jerry Watts
Acts 6:1-7

Ordination is a special, spiritual time in life of church, her members, and its men (their wives and families). I remember when I heart that my dad was ordained. We had left home, but somehow things changed in our house as dad took on the spiritual responsibility of a deacon.

Today nothing is as misunderstood as office and ministry of a Deacon. I have seen men 'politic' for it because they thought this position was that of a ''boss'', ''ruler,'' or 'board' which possessed great power. Rick Warren tells a true story that would be funny, if it weren't so sad. Not long after birthing Saddleback, a man came to Rick to say, ''I'm leaving the church.'' When Rick asked why the man said, ''Because I want to chair the board and Saddleback has no boards to chair, so I'm leaving.'' Rick said the man left and found a church where he could be the chairman.

The power in the 'deaconship' is found in their work as a servant. In some places we know that the deacon has been reduced popularity, power, and position. In fact, one of the original 7 tried this. He's listed right here, ''Nicolaus.'' Jesus mentions the followers of Nicolaus in Revelation when He refers to them as the ''Nicolaitans'' (Rev 2 - Ephesus and Pergamum). The guys began with the ''boss'' issue and then taught many other false doctrines. The position and thus the setting aside, laying on of hands, and accepting the responsibility of a deacons should be something done with utmost care and prayer.

A church should decide spiritually who is to serve. The men should decide spiritually if God is calling them to this High call. A deacon is to be a problem solver, peace-maker, and para-pastor.

When deacons function correctly, the pastor is released to fulfill His calling of preacher, teacher, trainer, mentor, and even counselor. Tonight is a new chapter in life for Adam, Jessica, Eddie, and Candy, so I offer you both a Caution and a Call.

Caution- Be careful abou ...

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