by Jerry Vines

Jerry Vines
Matthew 27:33-61

The site where Jesus was crucified was a place called Golgotha. That is the Hebrew word for it. The Latin word is the word Calvary. The words mean a place of the skull. When Jesus was crucified they took him outside the city gates of Jerusalem to a place called Golgotha - the place of a skull. I do not think this means that there were skulls lying around at the site, but rather that the hill itself was shaped in the form of a skull. I have personally liked to believe that Gordon's Calvary was the authentic site of the crucifixion of Jesus. It is true that Gordon's Calvary looks like a skull. The rock-hewn tombs in the side of the hill look like the sockets of a skull. Whether that be true or not, where Jesus Christ was crucified was known as a place of a skull.

Now the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ lets us know that Jesus did not just die. In Philippians 2:8 the Bible says that he became obedient unto death even the death of the cross. All men die but the death of Jesus on the cross was a different kind of death altogether. Probably the hill where Jesus was crucified was not a very high hill geographically, but you will agree with me that theologically and spiritually the hill where Jesus Christ was crucified was the highest hill in human history. All history flows up to that hill and all history flows down from that hill. There is no event in the history of the world as packed with significance as the event of the death of Jesus Christ on Golgotha's hill. Those are the verses we will study this morning as we just move through these passages together.

Think first of all about -

I. Golgotha's Crowds.

Matthew is a beautiful artist because as he gives us the scenes of Calvary he gives us some sketches of the crowds that were gathered there that day. For instance, he draws us a little sketch of a man named Simon. We read about him in verses 32 and 33. We are told that there was a man named Simon who was compelled ...

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