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Jerry Vines
I Samuel 16:1-7

The most mentioned person in the Old Testament is a man named David. He is mentioned 600 times in the Old Testament, and 60 times in the New Testament. It is arguably so that David may be the greatest man in the Old Testament. There are several great men in the Old Testament. There is, of course, Abraham who is the father of the nation of Israel. There was also Moses who was the great lawgiver of the Children of Israel. There is also David who was the second king in the land of Israel and the greatest king that Israel ever had. In many ways you could say that David was the greatest man of the Old Testament. His relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ is mentioned over and over again in the New Testament. The link between David and the Lord Jesus is unmistakable in the Bible. He is mentioned in the first chapter, on the first page of the New Testament, where Jesus is called the son of David. We find him on the last page of the New Testament in Revelation 22, where Jesus is called the ''root and offspring of David.''

When Jesus was born the angels announced that Jesus Christ would be born in the city of David--Bethlehem. The Bible predicts that the kingdom which David reigned over would eventually be an eternal kingdom and the Lord Jesus Christ Himself would sit upon the throne of his father David.

So, David in the Old Testament, in many ways, is a beautiful pre-picture of the Lord Jesus Christ.

There is a verse about David which is very unusual and I think it is the key to the meaning of the life of David. In I Samuel 13 there is a statement made about David that is made about no other person in the Bible. In verse 14 the Lord has said that Saul is going to be rejected as the king and another will be selected. ''But now thy kingdom shall not continue: the hath sought him a man after his own heart...'' That's repeated in the New Testament in Acts 13:22. David is known as a man ...

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