by Jerry Watts

Going on With Jesus
Jerry Watts
John 1:43-51

Shortly after the death of Elvis Pressley, Pat Boone was interviewed and discussed his relationship with the ''King''. Pat said, ''I cared a lot for Elvis, but he went in the wrong direction. Ironically, when we met for the last time I was going to do a show back east and he was going to Vegas. He said to me, 'Say Pat, where are you going?' I told him where I was going and how I looked forward to being involved in some kind of Christian ministry. He said, 'Hey, I'm going to Vegas Pat, as long as I've known you, you've been going in the wrong direction.''' Pat answered, ''Elvis that just depends on where you're coming from.'' We might add, ''and where you expect to arrive.'' Today, I suggest that Elvis would see (does see) Pat's wisdom.

But here's the point; The world consider Christ-followers to be headed in the wrong direction. Yet when this life is over the world will discover that the wide road, the easy road, the road well-traveled is the road that leads to eternal destruction.

Yet people, by the millions are on this road. They are going on in and with the world. At the same time, Jesus is going in another direction, has another agenda, and calls us to that 'other' way. Jesus loves us like He finds us (in our sin), but He loves us too much to leave us like He finds us, so He died for us so that He could 'saved us' from our sin, death, and hell. He came to offer us a new way, a new direction for life (the right direction). He turns us from this world, pointing us, and leading us toward our Heavenly Father. Listen, being SAVED is only the first step. From that point in time, we make the decision if we'll go ON with Jesus or go AWAY from Jesus. Many people have said a prayer, got baptized, and stopped their journey right then. Yet Jesus models 'going on.' Consider 3 thoughts from this story today and see where YOU ARE in YOUR LIFE.

The Plan He Exposes - Jesus did not come to earth to develop a plan for us ...

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