by Steve Jones

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The Need for Strength and Courage (1 of 3)
Series: Strength and Courage
Steve Jones
Joshua 1

INTRODUCTION: Once there was a little gray mouse. He lived in the same house as an old gray cat. The little gray mouse was afraid of the cat. He said, ''How happy I would be but for that old cat. I'm afraid of her all the time. I wish I were a cat.'' God heard that little mouse say this. He felt sorry for him. So he turned him into a big gray cat. At first he was very happy. But one day a dog ran after him. He said, ''Oh dear! It is not much fun to be a cat. I'm afraid of that dog all the time. I wish I were a big dog.'' Again the Lord heard him. He felt sorry for the old gray cat. So he turned him into a big dog. Once more he felt happy. Then one day he heard a lion roar. ''Oh, just hear that lion! '' he cried. ''I'm afraid when I hear him. It is not so safe to be a dog after all. How I wish I were a lion. Then I would be afraid of no one.'' He cried out to God, ''Please turn me into a big, strong lion.'' Again the Lord was sorry for him. He made him into a big strong lion. One day a man tried to kill the lion. Once more he ran to the Lord. ''What now?'' asked God. ''Make me into a man'' he cried. ''Then no one can make me afraid.'' The Lord said, ''Make you into a man! No indeed, I will not. A man must have a brave heart. You have only the heart of a mouse. So a mouse you shall become again, and a mouse you shall stay.'' He turned him back in to a little gay mouse and away he ran to his old home.

Are you a man or a mouse? The difference doesn't lie in the size of the body it lies in the courage of the heart.

QUOTE: From the book ''War'' by Sebastian Jungar:

''Individuals in most species will defend their young and a few, such as wolves, will even defend their mates, but humans appear to be the only ''animal'' that practices what might be thought of as courage. An individual male human will rush to the defense of another male despite the fact that both are ...

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