by Jerry Vines

Two Trials
Dr. Jerry Vines
Matthew 26:57-75

The Lord Jesus Christ was put on trial; He was found innocent and they nailed Him to a cross. Most of us are aware of the fact that there were two phases in the trial of the Lord Jesus. There was a religious phase where He was before the religious authorities of the nation and then there was a civil phase where He was brought before the leaders of the Roman government. As you study these verses you will also find that there are two trials really going on. You will notice in these verse we are going to study today that Simon Peter, the apostle of the Lord, moves in and out of this narrative concerning the trial of the Lord Jesus. It's as if Matthew focuses on the Lord Jesus for a while and then he removed the focus from Jesus and puts it on Simon Peter. So, we move between the two -- the Lord Jesus, the Savior on the one hand; and Simon Peter, the saint of God on the other. There are two great questions we are going to study today.

Question number one is the one that is asked of the Lord Jesus Christ. The question of Jesus is - are you the Son of God? There is a question that is raised concerning Simon Peter that is not spoken, not articulated, not written, but the question is very real nonetheless. The question that is being asked of Simon Peter in this scene is – are you, Simon Peter, one of the sons of God? Is Jesus the Son of God? He is on trial. Is Simon Peter one of the sons of God? Can you tell he's a believer? He's also on trial. Let's look at these two trials.

First of all -

I. The Savior on Trial.
We are told in verse 57 that He has been led away to Caiaphas the high priest. Actually, we learn in another connection that he was brought, first of all, to Annas who was the father-in-law of Caiaphas. Evidently, as those who have studied these matters tell us, the two palaces of Annas and Caiaphas were connected together by means of a court room. Annas had been the high priest. Now his son-in-law was. A ...

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