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Be Linked to One Another (27 of 40)
Series: Emerge: Identity
Jesus Culture - Banning Liebscher
Ephesians 5:18-21

You are unique. You are special to God's heart. But at the same time, you need other people in your life.

We can see this concept displayed even in our physical makeup: The human body is comprised of an incalculable number of individual cells, but they come together to form one complete unit. Like the cells in a human body, we need other people in our lives. We are separate in one sense and very much a unit in another sense.

Why is it important for us to work and function together? In the Body of Christ, each of us has influence. You exhibit a unique expression of the nature and character of God, and so it is important for you to find your voice - the blend of the particular set of gifts and interests God put within you to express who He is to the world.

Main Scripture: Ephesians 5:18-21

EQUIP: The importance of fellowship

Have your group read EPHESIANS 5:18-21 and then focus on the observations and teaching points provided.

Teaching Point 1: You have an influence.

- All of us were made to work with, co-exist with, aid, and help other believers. We provide support for one another.
- Each of us has a different set of talents and giftings. You need to add your ''voice'' to the mix.

Have you ever heard the expression ''A chain is only as strong as its weakest link''? A chain could be strong enough to haul a truck out of a ravine, but if just one of the links in that chain is broken or defective, it doesn't matter how strong the rest of the chain is - it will break under the strain.

As we discussed in an earlier session, we are the Body of Christ - though each of us is an individual, we are meant to be one ''unit'' in God. Together, we are very strong, yet if one of us is weak or hurting, it can affect every other ''link'' in the chain.

How does this apply to you, personally, on an everyday basis? First of all, are you i ...

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