by Jerry Vines

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Christmas Characters: Jesus (6 of 6)
Series: Christmas Characters
Jerry Vines
Matthew 1:21-25

The characters of Christmas are very interesting to study as each one of them turns our focus toward the main meaning of Christmas. When the Lord Jesus was born, Mary His mother, is very important in the overall story. Then, there is Joseph, the strong, silent carpenter, who faithfully became her husband and the legal father of the Lord Jesus. When Jesus was born the wise men came from the east to worship Him. They have a part to play and they have a part in the meaning of the message of Christmas. Also, the shepherds came and they reminded us of many of the beautiful messages and meanings of Christmas. When Jesus was born the angels from heaven made a journey to this earth and made announcements relative to the purpose and meaning of Christmas.

But all of the characters of Christmas now point our focus to the little baby in that manger. That little baby, the Bible says, was named Jesus. The naming of a child is always an important occasion. When you named the children you have it was very important and very meaningful to you. Sometimes babies are named because they express the aspiration and the desires of the parents. Sometimes the names are given in honor and memory of certain family members or famous personalities.

In the Bible, especially, the giving of names was an important matter. Many times the naming of a child in the Bible had significance not only historically, but also spiritually. It was certainly true in the naming of this babe in the manger when the name was given Jesus. Actually, the name did not come from Mary. The name did not come from Joseph. The name was given by an angel, for the name had been brought to earth from heaven where God Himself gave the name to this baby.

There are many titles and names given to the Son of God in the Bible. Someone has estimated over 700 titles and names for Jesus can be found in the pages of the Bible. ...

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