by Jerry Vines

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Christmas Characters: Shepherds (3 of 6)
Series: Christmas Characters
Jerry Vines
Luke 2:8-18

When Jesus was born representative groups came to attend His birth. There were Simeon and Anna who were the devout believers who represents spiritual -minded people who come to the birth of the Lord Jesus. The wise men came when Jesus was born. They remind us that studious people come to the Lord Jesus Christ. The keenest minds of all of the ages have been those who have humbly bowed at the manger of the Lord Jesus Christ. The shepherds came and they represent the simple, common, ordinary people who are drawn to this baby Jesus who is born in Bethlehem's manger.

Life for the shepherd was a difficult kind of life. They were really kind of low on the social scale. Though they had a noble history, their occupation had come into hard times. They were out on an obscure hill, tending some sheep. Very little went on out there. Most people didn't even regard them with a great deal of respect. In fact, in these days the shepherds had gone so low in respect that they were not even allowed to testify in a court of law. So, you wouldn't expect a great deal to take place where shepherds were tending just a few sheep, would you? If you really wanted to be where things were happening you would have to go to Rome where ambassadors from all over the world would be coming in and out and where political decisions were being ground out that would change the course of the world.

Or, if you wanted to go where things were really happening you would go to Athens where the great philosophers had hammered out the ideas that controlled the thinking and the minds of people for all of the centuries.

Or maybe you would want to go, if you want to go where it's really happening, to Jerusalem. In Jerusalem all of the priests and all of the official religions were going on. All of the things that would be done in that land relative to religion would take place in the city of Jerusalem.


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