by Jerry Vines

Who Can Tell The Future?
Jerry Vines
Isaiah 46:9-11

It seems there is always an interest in the future. People tend to wonder what the future holds for them. It's true in our day and it was also true in ancient days. Anytime a person purported to see the future, he could immediately get a crowd. In ancient days, people used a variety of means to try to be able to predict the future. Sometimes they would look into the entrails of animals supposing that there they could find the future. Others would resort to crystal balls, trying to find what the future was going to bring.

One of the most famous oracles of ancient days was the Delphic oracle. People would go to the Delphic Oracle and they would get a message that would supposedly tell them what the future was going to bring. The King of Lydia went to the Delphic Oracle to find whether or not he should enter into battle with Persia. The oracle said, "Go to battle with Persia. A great empire will be destroyed." He took that to be a favorable prophecy to his cause. The King of Lydia invaded Persia and indeed a great kingdom was destroyed: his own. People have tried to predict the future with very little success.

In our day, people are very anxious to know what the future is going to bring. Daily, people pour over horoscopes trying to find out what their future is, not understanding that their future is not in the stars but in the scriptures. People turn to physics who are supposedly able to tell them what their future will bring.

The latest fad going around is known as channeling. This channeling is of those who claim to have contact with spirit entities. These entities are able to tell them about their future and about their life. I'm sure that some of it must be demonic in origin, but a great deal of it is really just a hoot. There is absolutely nothing to it; it is phony! When Hollywood starts getting into it, for instance Shirley McClain, you know immediately that you're in trouble.

The Bible m ...

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