by Jerry Vines

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Christmas Characters: Joseph (1 of 6)
Series: Christmas Characters
Jerry Vines
Matthew 1:18-25

Does it seem possible to you that in just a little over a month we will have Christmas. Christmas has a way of slipping up on you. The air will be filled with the sights and the sounds and the songs and the stories of Christmas in just a little while. I want to try to get your mind (in this message) pointing in the direction of the birth of the Lord Jesus so that your celebration and enjoyment of the Christmas season will mean more to you this year than it has ever meant before.

We are going to gather these messages around the manger scene and look at some of the characters which emerge from the Bible around the birth of our Lord. One of the characters we are going to consider in this message is Joseph, who was the husband of Mary.

Joseph gets left out many times in our study of Christmas. It's as if he gets lost in the activity and in the shuffle of it. It's kind of like men at a wedding. Have you ever noticed how unnecessary men are at a wedding? The ladies have on their beautiful dresses and the flowers. The newspaper will tell you all about how the ladies are dressed. It never tells you how the man was dressed. It never makes a statement about what kind of flowers he had braided in his hair. Men could be barefooted at a wedding and it really wouldn't make any difference. So, Joseph is kind of like that-- just kind of falls through the cracks in our story. But Joseph is really a vital part of the Christmas message and the message of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Several years ago as I was studying this book of Matthew I was surprised to find that there is no recorded word of Joseph in all of the Bible. I'm sure that Joseph said something. I'm sure he did speak. But the Holy Spirit has chosen not to give us a single word that Joseph ever spoke. Words are not nearly as important as we think they are, are they? The famous Lincoln's Gettysburg Addr ...

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