by Jerry Vines

God Bless America
Jerry Vines
Psalm 33:10-12

Many years ago, there was a singer in America who was very popular. Her name was Kate Smith. She had a radio program before the days of television. I suppose she was the most beloved singer in all of America. One evening, on her radio program, she introduced America to a brand new song. The words of the song went something like this:

''God, bless America, land that we love.
Stand beside her and guide her through the night with the light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies, to the ocean, white with foam.
God, bless America, our home sweet home!''

Something about that song electrified the nation and it has become one of the most beloved patriotic songs in America. There seems to be something in the lyrics of that song that is an indication that we Americans understand that we desperately need the blessings of God. We have been blessed by God and for this we say, ''God, bless America, again!'' We know that we must have the blessings of God in the future if we are to survive and we know that everything we have comes from above. Psalm 33:12 expresses the sentiments of that song when it says, ''Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.''

The founding of a nation is a very remarkable thing. Throughout history there have been many attempts to create civilizations. For instance, Pericles founded a civilization upon culture and it fell. Alexander the Great founded a civilization upon military genius and it fell. Caesar founded a civilization upon power and it fell. Yet, there was something unique about the founding of America. Roger Babson, many years ago, said, ''South
America was founded by men who were seeking gold. North America was founded by men who were seeking God. The sturdy men who crossed the ocean to come to our land came not seeking soil for their plows but liberty for their souls.''

When we study the history of the founding of America we discover that there is something unique abou ...

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