by William Wyne

The Witness of the Stone
William Wyne
Joshua 4:6-7, 23-24

When a witness is summoned to court to testify but refuses to testify, he is held in contempt by the judge. When you stand before Jesus Christ, will He hold you in contempt of court because you refused to testify? Acts 1: 8 comprises some of the parting words of Christ just prior to his ascension. In those parting words, he charges and commissions his faithful followers to be His witnesses. ''And you shall be my witnesses, in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost part of the world.''

That is Jesus expectation and exhortation to the then church and even the now church of today. Witnessing in some form, in some way, in some methodology is what we should be doing. What we have should not be secretive, what we believe should not be suppressed. Who he is, should be on the marquee of our life.

You just never know what the impact of your witness has upon someone else life. Your witness just might be the light to someone darkness, your witness might be the salvation of someone's situation. Your witness might very well be the thread of hope that that a person can hang on to who is about to give up, it might be the wholeness to someone brokenness. Your witness might be the favor or season into somebody whose life is flavorless and bland.

In the New Testament, Jesus became known and more embraced because of the witness of others. The woman at the well in Samaria in John 4 brought the village to know Jesus because of her witness. She said to them, ''Come see a man who told me everything I had done (vs.39), and the Bible said many believed on him because of the testimony (witness) of the woman.

When Nicodemus came to Jesus that night, he came because of the witnesses of Christ. He said to Him, ''we know you must be the Christ because no-one can do the miracles that you do unless God be with him.'' In other words, they are talking about you as someone with a power unlike we have experienced before ...

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