by William Wyne

A Word for the Weary
William Wyne
Isaiah 46:3-4

One of the rich and relevant experiences of knowing God, or believing God is the fact of believing he speaks to us. You really can not describe or define that encounter; it is unexplainable to the uninitiated.

But when one believes God and trusts God, they know that God has a way of speaking powerfully and personally to the situations in their lives. God never fails to give a fresh and faithful word to those who are in relationship with him. God speaks in many ways to us; He speaks a word of confirmation, sometimes through others. He speaks from his written word (scripture), he speaks through the spoken word (preaching), he speaks in the ministry of music, and he has many ways of speaking.

So often he speaks at a time when only what he has to say makes a real difference. In Exodus three he spoke, he spoke to Moses about the affliction and oppression of Israel.

In the book of Job he spoke, he spoke and Job's anxieties were calmed. He spoke to Elijah as a still small voice. And in this text, he speaks a word that is relevant to the plight of people to Isaiah.

The children of Israel needed a fresh word, a faithful word, a word that would ultimately comfort them. The days of captivity would be long and laborious, sorrow and misfortune would take its toll.

Perhaps I am talking to someone today who needs a word because you are laboring; you are loaded with the cares of this world.

Your agenda is not where you had planned it to be by now. You had planned to be orbiting in another space of life by now, but you are stuck on the launching pad.

Perhaps you feel that you should have made at least one connection on your flight to happiness and prosperity, but your plane hasn't even left the terminal. By your timetable Mr. Right, or Mrs. Right, should have shown up, but you are still in the search mode.

You need a word for your own anxiousness and uncertainty. It's in this text that we find such ...

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