by Jerry Vines

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What To Do With Apostates (5 of 7)
Series: Apostate Files
Jerry Vines
Jude 17-19

When I started these messages which I'm calling the Apostate Files, which is a careful study of this little one-chapter book of the Bible, I said I was going to have four messages. As I have gone along, I have become aware of the fact that it's going to take me more than four messages. Truthfully, I'm getting to the best verses in the entire book. Rather than just putting it all together tonight in one message, I'm going to break it down into three messages. Actually, I'll two messages after tonight. Seven studies in all. It's just too good to run over it.

A study of the book of Jude can be a rather depressing experience if you're not careful because most of what you find here has to do with the outbreak of apostasy which the Bible predicts will take place in the end times before the Lord Jesus Christ returns. An apostate is a teacher who teaches apostate doctrine. Apostate doctrine or apostasy is departure from the faith. Jude says in verse 3, I was going to write about a more pleasant subject--the common salvation, but it was needful for me to urge you that you would earnestly contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints.

The reason why it was necessary for him to write this book to urge us to contend for the faith is because of what he says in verse 4. "For there are certain men crept in unawares." These are the apostates. So, for 16 verses now he has given us a full length portrait of the apostates. What the Bible has to say about them. How they are illustrated in the world of nature. How they perform. What they teach. What they believe. What their moral behavior is. It is a rather depressing figure and it is especially depressing if you keep in mind the fact or if you know the fact that the Bible says this is inevitable, that it is going to occur at the end time. If you aren't careful you can be somewhat depressed about it or yo ...

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