by William Wyne

The God Who Can Do Anything
William Wyne
Joshua 10:1-12

That question was raised in the life of Abraham and Sarah, is there anything too hard for God? They were beyond the age of reproduction, and a child physically was deemed impossible by them. The only problem for Abraham and Sarah was that they were privileged to have a God of impossibilities with them. You see faith in God at least expects and invites us to believe in a God who can do the impossible. And when God does not do as we asked in prayer when God does not perform as expected when God does not deliver as desired, He is no less of God.

Life seems to send challenges to us time and time again, and they are not challenges for our God, they are challenges to see if we trust God. The challenges you face are about the genuine and depth of your faith. Those challenges are not about Him or His power.
Can you still exercise faith when the sea of life is turbulent? Can you operate in faith when you are overcome with grief and sadness? Can you still walk in the sunshine of his hope when you are in the shadows of hurting?

Is God still a God of possibilities when the problem of life seems to hide the promises of the Lord? Is God still the God of possibilities when life seems to have left on your door steps more baggage and boxes of burdens than blessings?
Those Hebrew Boys found themselves in the King's furnace, and they did not have to be there. All they had to do is bow to the music of the King. Is God just as much God when you are in the furnace of life and the flames of fear and frustration?

Joshua and Israel have crossed the Jordan, they have brought down the walls of Jericho, and they have taken the city by God's power. They have even learned the lesson of being over confident because of previous victories in their defeat at Ai. But God is a God of another chance. Once they had learned their lessons, and Achan has been punished, they returned to Ai and were victorious. They have begun to take ...

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