by William Wyne

Lessons from Achan
William Wyne
Joshua 7

In Chapter 6 of Joshua, the chapter ends with a crescendo. In the music world, that is a move that goes from a low tone in sound to a swelling loudness. The Bible says, ''And the Lord was with Joshua.'' That is a spiritual crescendo - to know that the Lord is with you is the apex of a sound of assurance. That chapter ends with triumph; it ends with the mountain top experience. It ends relatively with the people shouting, the walls falling, and the city of Jericho invaded by Israel without a sword being drawn, an arrow being shot, and any resistance from the inhabitants.

However, we all know that life is not always a high note experience. Life is not always a season of crescendos. There are some low notes in life. And when there is triumph, it seems that it is momentary because trials or a trouble finds its way into the celebration. It seems that when a gathering is great, when the party is going well, someone just finds a way to mess up the celebration. It seems that sometimes when you exit the mountain of joy; it's too often into the valley of less than joyous.

When Jesus came off the Mountain of Transfiguration, a scene that was reaffirming for Him, Moses and Elijah appeared on that mountain. The representatives of the prophets and the law, men who had experienced death in a unique way. The Bible says they were conversing with Christ about his death. He needed that mountain top experience. While it was reaffirming for Him, it was a revelation for Peter, James, and John. They got a deeper glimpse into the glory of Christ. Peter, as you know, wanted to stay, ''Let us build three Tabernacles here'' was his response. But they had to leave that mountain, and as soon as they come off the mountain, there was awaiting Jesus in the valley a man whose son was apparently possessed with epileptic seizures. The disciples had been trying to heal him but to no avail. Yes, Chapter 6 ends with a note of celebration. However, Ch ...

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