by William Wyne

Rahab's Faith (Testimony)
William Wyne
Joshua 2:1-11

Soren Kierkegaard was a brilliant philosopher and Christian theologian/thinker who challenged the church at a very deep level of thought when it came to action and authentication as the church being the church of Christ. In one of his memorable instances, he told a parable about Duck Land. It was Sunday morning, and all the ducks dutifully came to church, waddling through the doors and down the aisle into the pews where they comfortably squatted on their pews. When all were well-settled, and the ducks hymns were sung, and the duck prayers were prayed, and the duck offering was received, the minister waddled to his pulpit, opened up the duck bible, and read these words:

Ducks, you have wings, and with wings you can fly like eagles. You can soar into the sky! Use your wings! Have faith in the wings that you have that will allow you to fly! It was a marvelous, elevating duck scripture, and thus all of the ducks quacked; their assent with a hearty Amen when the passage was read and a message was given.

But then when the duck benediction was given, they plopped down from their pews and waddled out of the church and waddled home. Not one duck flew home, not one duck used its wings. They had just heard that they could fly, they had wings, they were made to do more than waddle, and they could fly.

What a testimony of faith and action that would have been demonstrated had they left flying.

Duck Land is like Church land, we proclaim that the object of our faith is directed toward the right person and power, but the obedience of our faith may suggest something so different. Some of us will choose to waddle rather fly, some of us are so comfortable with a waddling faith, that we fail to use the wings of faith that are available to us.

Faith is not belief without proof but trusts without reservation in the one you are trusting. If there is a deficit or a crack in my faith, it's not in the one I believe i ...

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