by William Wyne

A Walk of Faith
William Wyne
Joshua 5:1-4, 6:1-7, 13-17

Whenever you mail a letter or something to a distant destination, it's an exercise of faith (trust). When you write a letter or mail a letter, it's impossible for you to deliver it yourself. You need help from the Postal Service. But for them to deliver the letter, you have to trust it in their care. You've got to either drop it off at the Post Office or leave it in a mailbox. If you want it delivered to the place it's addressed, you cannot hang on to it, you've got to let it go and trust the Postal Service. Once you let it go, you cannot see what is happening to it; you cannot follow it to the destination. At best, you have to make sure it's addressed to the right place.

Whenever we face our Jericho's, you have to exercise your faith. The Jericho's of our lives will instinctively cause our fears to surface. When they do, as a believer, I must place my faith to face my fears. I must trust God with my troubles; I must find the substance of my faith to meet the stretching of my fears. , Jericho's of life can cause you a great deal of anxiety.
Because our Jericho's often present themselves to be greater than what they are. Jericho's can present themselves to be more powerful than they are. But that is what Jericho's in life are supposed to do.

Bible faith, believing faith, is exercising what you believe by trusting and trying God. The truth is we practice an aspect of faith every day, every week, all the time, without questions or reservations.

We just do it. We only question and seek signs when it comes to church, God, and the Word of God. We place everything under the microscope when it comes to walking, living, practicing the God kind faith. We've got to have a scripture, we've got to see the dove, and we've got to hear God speaking. We practice aspects of faith every day, every week, without needing those things. We practice faith and trust every day in some way.

I doubt that when you got ...

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