by William Wyne

A Thread of Evidence
William Wyne
Joshua 2:12-24

One day, a lady came to the train station to take the train to her destination. She had never used the rail transpotation before, so she was a little unsure. Now there were a lot of trains at the station, but she had asked someone about which train was the correct train for her to get where she wanted to go. They told her which train and she followed their direction. She got on the train but she was nervous. She still wasn't completely sure that she was on the right train. She sat down, but was quite uncomfortable. She did not want to be on the wrong train going in the wrong direction.
She went over to a lady who was seated and said, excuse me Ms., is this train going to Battle Creek? The lady sitting there said yes, this is the right train to Battle Creek.

So the lady went and took her seat and she heard someone else talking to the lady about something else, and she overheard that same lady saying several times to some other questions, I am not sure about this and that. Then the lady started thinking, if she was not sure about this or that, could she have been wrong about this train.

She decided to go several seats away and asked a gentleman who was seated in the rear, sir, is this train going to Battle Creek? The man said, yes madam this is the correct train to Battle Creek. She left feeling a little better, but then she saw this man taking lots of medicine, and heard him say that he needs to take this medicine because he has been forgetting a lots, once again her concern was once again heightened.

Just at that moment, a man with a blue uniform, a cap, and papers in his hand came through, at that moment she knows that she is in the presence of someone that is connected to this train in an official capacity. And she asked him, Sir, I am going to Battle Creek, and I just want to make sure I am on the right train! Is this the right train to Battle Creek?

Yes, you are on the right train, because I am ...

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