by William Wyne

Lord I Believe, Help My Unbelief
William Wyne
Mark 9:16-26

Life has its moments of doubts and seasons of unbelief!
Regardless of how certain your convictions, How focus your faith, and How resolved you are in your resolutions. One can have moments of doubts, uncertainty, and a struggle with believing. There is no life filter I believe that can screen you from those moments when we are suspended between that narrow place of it's going to be alright, and I am not sure how this thing is going to come out.

Doubt may not be the permanent place that you live, but if you are honest, it's a place that you may have visited, if you have not taken a trip to visit doubt, unbelief, I am sure its has visited you. It seems that this guest knows our address, and even if we move without leaving a forwarding address, it finds us.

It visited Job, and the Bible says he was perfect, an upright man, and one that disdain evil. Job reached a point and place in his trials and troubles that led him to, ''Where is he (God)? O, if I can find him, I would plead my case to him! Job speaks as if God is lost or God is not near him!

Doubt also gripped Abraham for a moment in his life where he just did not and could not wait on God's plan. So he joined the plan of flesh, fear, and frustration that resulted in an inheritance that was not of God (Ishmael). Those women, who came to the tomb early that Sunday morning with spices to anoint the dead body of Christ, apparently had some doubt, some disbelief. Had they believed they would not have risen that early, bought spices, and made that trip to the tomb. Doubt and unbelief can make you either forget the promises or cause us to be so far way from the promises of God.

John the Baptist who was Christ forerunner, he was the one who was called and chosen to make the pathway clear for Christ. John proclaimed at one moment without hesitation that Christ was the Lamb of God. And that he was not even worthy to tie Christ sandals. But when J ...

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