by William Wyne

A Matter of Justice and Righteousness
William Wyne
Amos 5:23-24

Sometimes I want to ask God why he allows poverty, famine, inequities, disparities, unrighteousness, community division, despair, and injustice to exist when he could do something about it. ''Because He is God, He is powerful and able!'' Yet I have learned not to do so, because I am afraid God might ask me the same question!

God might ask me why am I silent when I see wrong? Why am I deaf to the cries of injustice? Why do I think that some day this or that may change when I am living at the moment to change it? Why do I think that someone else can do that, when I may be that some one else?

In a world filled now with so much unrest and upheaval, in a world that is filled now with so much tension and mistrust, the people of God are being challenged to participate in a process that demand and expects justice to roll down like waters and righteousness to flow as an ocean. Sometimes in the church we can be so noisy about the minor, and silent about what really matters.

In the Day of Judgment as we in the church believe will come one day, we know that there is a time when we must give an account for the deeds we have done in this life. In the judgment, the question will not be about my denominational stance as a Baptist, it want be about the tenants and doctrines of my church, it will not be about my academics or the academics of my membership. It will not be about the number of persons I preached to and the budget we aimed to reach and buildings that we erected or beautified. It will be about did I do anything to lift the burdens from someone who had been victimized by an unjust decision. Or did I help someone who had been castigated to a place of social isolation because of their lot in life that they may have had little control of. It may be about how I treated those who did not look like me, act like me, live in my block, on my street, and go to my church or anybody church. It may be whe ...

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