by Stan Coffey

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The Gift of Faith (16 of 18)
Dr. Stan Coffey
I Corinthians 12:9

If you have your Bible tonight we're studying spiritual
gifts. Turn to I Corinthians chapter 12 and the last
two times on Wednesday night we talked about the word
of knowledge and the word of wisdom. We talked about
the wisdom from these verses. If you'll notice in
verse 8 it says "For to one is given by the Spirit the
word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the
same Spirit." These are spiritual gifts which are
revelation gifts of the Spirit. We said that the word
of wisdom was the ability to see things from God's
perspective and to apply God's word to situations. The
word of knowledge is the supernatural revelation of
facts that are given by the Spirit that could not be
naturally know. They're facts that could only be
supernaturally known that have to be revealed by God's
Spirit to a person.

You remember we gave some examples of those things in
biblical times and then some examples of the way these
kinds of gifts might be used today in the body of
Christ. But they are revelation gifts.

Now tonight we're going to talk about a gift that is a
service gift, and that is the gift of faith. Look in
verse 9. He's listing spiritual gifts. Remember that
he says in verse 4 "there are diversities of gifts, but
the same Spirit." We learned that these gifts are
sovereignly bestowed by God. So he begins to list the
gifts and he says in verse 9 " To another faith by the
same Spirit." So as we think about the gift of faith
we are thinking about faith as a spiritual gift, as a
supernatural endowment of God of motivation and ability
for Christian service. A gift of faith that God gives
especially to be used in His service.

Now there are many kinds of faith in the word of God.
Of course, there is what we would call natural faith.
That's the kind of faith a farmer has when he goes ...

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