by Stan Coffey

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The Gift of Exhortation (9 of 18)
Dr. Stan Coffey
Romans 12:1-3, 8, Acts 11:22-23

You know, I believe that as I've studied revival and as I've read about the great revivals of the past, one of the characteristics was that when God sent a great move, and God sent a great awakening to a people, for example, in the Great Awakening in this country, it was always characterized by many, many people who were religious, getting saved. That's a mark of revival. When God begins to do a work, those who have been going through the motions, those who have been going through the rituals, but have not really had regeneration and the new birth in their life, God moves in their heart. So I just praise the Lord for this tonight because I know God is beginning to do a new and a fresh work in our hearts. Folks, I want to tell you, God's got a great task for us. God wants us to reach this city for Christ. The Lord can only do that through a redeemed, regenerate people, and people who have a boldness in their witness and their commitment to Christ above the average, above the norm, that's above the mediocre. I believe that's what the Lord is doing and I'll tell you, I just praise Him and praise Him and praise Him because it's a sovereign work of God. It's a sovereign move of God.

I know that we were praying and we did some preparation, but I want to tell you, God did it all. We just praise the Lord for what he did last week. I think as we look forward to this summer, at the end of this summer we're going to have Bailey Smith. Many of you know Bailey. He's the former president of our convention and John McKay, Bill's father in law, who works with Bailey. They're going to be with us in the park for our crusade there in the park the last week of August. So you mark it on your calendar and just begin to pray that God will do a mighty, mighty work. Now tonight we're going to talk about the gift of exhortation. Notice in Romans 12 ...

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