by Stan Coffey

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The Gift Helps - Ministry - Service (8 of 18)
Dr. Stan Coffey
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I just had to kind of cut off Sunday night. I wasn't through. Amen? Have you ever done that? I know many of you Sunday School teachers do it every week on this short schedule we have. You know exactly what it's like. You don't get through. You just quit and try to go to church and get you a seat. I tell you, I know you identify. I see you smiling. I know you identify with what I'm saying. But we were talking about the gift of prophecy and I just want to say a few more things about the gift of prophecy, about how you know whether or not you have this gift. These are principles you need to remember regarding all the gifts. These are some guidelines, just three principles that will tell you how you know you have a particular gift. Then we're going to Romans chapter 12 and look at another one of the gifts tonight, the gift of helps, the gift of ministry or service. So that will be the main topic.

But we were talking about the gift of prophecy, that supernatural motivation and endowment from God to have divine insight into God's revelation and speak it forth with clarity and with power with the anointing of God's power. That's the gift of prophecy. As I said, many preachers, many pastors have this gift. Many evangelists have this gift, but it's not limited to that. There are others in the body of Christ who have this gift. There are teachers who have the gift and housewives and business men who have this gift sometimes. Sometimes the gift of prophecy is exercised one on one as well as to a congregation. But it's a very important gift. It's so important that in I Corinthians 12 Paul again and again speaks about this gift and he talks about the superiority of the gift of prophecy. It's a very wonderful gift for the body of Christ.

But if you've been called to exercise the gift of prophecy and you've been gifted with ...

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