by Stan Coffey

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The Gift of Prophecy (7 of 18)
Dr. Stan Coffey
I Corinthians 14

Now tonight we want to continue our thought about spiritual gifts and we'll also be doing this Wednesday night. Wednesday night I'm going to be talking about how you can know your spiritual gift, how to discern your gift, some guidelines for discerning your spiritual gifts. We'll be talking about the word of knowledge and we'll be talking about the gift of discernment and some of the other gifts that we have not mentioned so far. But I want us to go back to Romans 12 just for a moment and then we're going to go to I Corinthians chapter 14. Let's go to Romans 12 and verse 6 and remember what Paul said about the gifts. We have first of all defined spiritual gifts. We have said that a spiritual gift is a supernatural endowment of motivation and ability for effective Christian service. It is supernatural, not natural. Then we've described the spiritual gifts. And we have pointed out that there are seven motivational gifts. Then there are ministries. Then there are manifestations. So we delineated the spiritual gifts into three particular areas. There are motivations and ministries and manifestations.

We said last time we talked about this that we are to allow the Holy Spirit to fill our lives as we yield our life to Him and we're to serve God from our motivation through the ministry He gives to each of us, and leave the manifestation up to the Holy Spirit. And so the church is a body and some of us are going to be mouth pieces and some of us are going to be eyes and some of us are going to be hands. Some of us are going to be legs. There are different functions of the body of Christ.

So look at Romans 12 verse 6 and tonight we're going to talk about the gift of prophecy. "Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith." Now what is the gift of ...

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