by Stan Coffey

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The Definition of Spiritual Gifts (5 of 18)
Series: The Holy Spirit and his Gifts
I Corinthians 12:1-13
Dr. Stan Coffey

Now, tonight we're talking about spiritual gifts so let's turn once again to I Corinthians 12, the 12th chapter of I Corinthians. We're going to be going from I Corinthians to Romans 12 again and again as we look at the matter of spiritual gifts. There are different lists of spiritual gifts in the Word of God and we're going to be looking at all the gifts that are listed. Last Wednesday night we talked about the desirability of spiritual gifts and why we ought to study spiritual gifts and why it's important to know what our individual gifts are. It will do many things. It will deepen your appreciation of God's love for you. It will broaden your concern. It will intensify your zeal. It will increase your appreciation of other members of the body of Christ. There are many reasons why you ought to know what your spiritual gift is. The study of spiritual gifts is very, very important.

So, as we look at I Corinthians 12 we're going to be reading several of these verses in the message tonight and I want to share with you tonight the definition of spiritual gifts. What are spiritual gifts. We talked about why study spiritual gifts. Now we want to talk specifically about what spiritual gifts are. Now, Wednesday night we're going to talk about the distinction of gifts and talk about the different gifts. We're going to begin to talk about the gifts that are listed in the Bible and tell you what they are and they characteristics of those gifts. You'll need to be here Wednesday night to get in on that study as we talk about the list of gifts and the individual gifts that are given. The Bible talks about the gift of prophecy and the gift of teaching and the gift of mercy and the gift of healing and gift of wisdom and gift of knowledge and gift of tongues and all the other gifts that are mentioned in the Bible we're going to be talking ...

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