by William Wyne

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Sheep Faith (3 of 6)
Series: Sheep Faith
William Wyne
Psalm 23:3

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the
paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

Faith in God is belief in action! There are thousands of ways to please God, but not one can be without the principle of faith. I am discovering that people want to be a part of the faith, but often they want the faith on their terms. If you are going to be the sheep of the Great Shepherd you must have the kind of faith that the Shepherd expects from His sheep. In John 10, Christ proclaimed Himself to be the Good Shepherd, and His sheep knows His voice, and another voice they will not adhere.

The story of two shepherds!

To respond to the right shepherd requires some work from the sheep. The sheep must insure that it has reverence for the Shepherd (The Lord), recognition of the Shepherd (My Shepherd), rest in the Shepherd (I shall not want). Sheep Faith also has contentment in the flock and confidence in the Shepherd (verse 2). Now we come to this marvelous verse 3, He restoreth my soul…

David in this Psalm as you well know uses images and experiences of a shepherd and sheep to teach us lessons of Lordship and followship. The King James translates a word in this verse that assures us that David is certainly using a literal experience to make a spiritual point. In the world of husbandry of shepherd and sheep, there is a term according to Phillip Keller (A Shepherd’s Look at Psalms 23) called ''downcast sheep (or cast down)''. A cast sheep is one that has rested in green grass on the ground and because the sheep is fed, full and free of fear it has rolled over on its back and can’t get up. The way the sheep’s body is made, and the wool makes it difficult for the sheep to roll back to its sides. The danger of that is that a cast sheep that is down like that for an extended time can die. The blood ceases to circulate properly, causing the sheep to become frantic, flailing wildly and hopelessly. David ...

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