by Stan Coffey

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Christ, the Word of God (5 of 5)
Stan Coffey
Isaiah 40:6-8
February 23, 2003

Thank you for that wonderful worship music. It's good to be back with you this morning. I appreciate your prayers for me while I was away in revival. We had a good meeting and God blessed in a wonderful way. It's good to be back. Next Sunday we're going to begin our brand new study on "A Life God Rewards". Each of you are going to get a copy of this little book, "A Life God Rewards" by Bruce Wilkinson. Bruce is the author who wrote the book entitled, "The Prayer of Jabez" that we enjoyed so much. You'll recall that we had a seminar on the prayer of Jabez. It was such a blessing. This book is as well.

Now, "A Life God Rewards" is about how everything you do today matter for eternity. You might say, "Well, pastor, how is this study different?" The way this study is different is that most of us have been taught in our early years, and most churches teach that we should not work for a reward. We should really work because we love the Lord. We should work and do good things because we love the Lord. Jesus did teach, "Don't do your alms openly in the sight of men." We should never forget that. Jesus taught is you just do things to be seen of men, for the praise of men, then you have your reward. You don't get a reward in heaven. You already have your reward. So, that's not what this book is about. But it is about the fact that working for a heavenly reward is a legitimate thing that Jesus taught that we're to do. In other words, we're to do good things with heaven in mind, knowing that every good thing we do is going to be remembered by God.

We're going to be rewarded by every good thing we do on this earth. Every good thing we do on this earth is valued by God. It's recorded by God. We're going to get credit for it. Whether it's giving for the Lord's work, or it's doing good to others, or it's doing kind acts, anything that ...

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