by William Wyne

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The Call to Worship - Part 2 (2 of 2)
Series: The Call to Worship
William Wyne
Psalm 100; Psalm 40:3

If we are going to worship God in Spirit, then we must come in a spirit of worship and help develop a spirit of worship in worship.
If the world could see a snapshot of our worship, would they believe our God is worthy of praise?
Real worship that is intimate and authentic strengthens you.
When Isaiah went into that Temple to worship, and he had an encounter with God unlike he had ever experienced, he left the Temple stronger and more assured of who God was.
As a matter of fact he left saying, Lord, here I am, send me.

Real worship gives you a sense of God's presence, a surety of God's provision, and the satisfaction of God's protection. That is just simply saying that in worship, I get that underpinning that God is going to be God.

The church is not at her best not when we are feeding the hungry; though that is a task in ministry. Neither are we at our best when we are clothing the unclothed, yet that is essential to the ministry of the church. We are not at our best when we are housing the homeless; however, that is a ministry goal and a noble one at that. We are not at our best when we are drum majors for social justice and crying against oppression and discrimination, but be assured, those are things that the church should do. But we are not at our best when we do them. We are not at our best when we are giving our tithes, offerings, yet that is a biblical mandate.

We are at out best when we are worshipping God and when we are giving Him praise, honor, and adoration. When we are singing praises, when we are praying to him, preaching about him in the worship experience, we are at our best. And if we are worshipping with our whole heart, with the mind and heart in-tuned and focused upon him, we are at our best. We have to be careful that our worship is not shallow, stale, static, and stagnated. We have to be careful that our worship is not h ...

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