by Stan Coffey

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The Lord, The Everlasting God (4 of 5)
Stan Coffey
Isaiah 40:28-31
February 9, 2003

We thank God for the opportunity to study God's word. When you came in you should have received an outline like this and also you should receive a little visitor's card, or a prayer card and a little offering envelope. And that little card is for your prayer requests. I want to encourage you to be sure and record your prayer request on the back of that card so that we can pray for one another, remember one another in our prayers. They are very important. On the first Sunday of March we're going to begin a brand new study titled, "Eternal Rewards", or "A Life God Rewards". It's going to be an exciting study. It's based on the book, "A Life God Rewards" by Bruce Wilkinson. And you might remember the Prayer of Jabez. How many of you remember that little book, "The Prayer of Jabez"? Alright, that's just about everybody? We had someone from Bruce Wilkinson's organization come and teach that little book in a seminar. It's one of the most popular little books that has come out in recent times. Bruce Wilkinson wrote that little book based on the Old Testament on the prayer of Jabez.

He's written another book and it's very, very good, called "A Life God Rewards." It tells us about the emphasis that Jesus put on motivating us by rewards, telling us that we ought to live our lives in such a way that God would reward our life some day by giving us treasure in heaven. We ought to live our life with rewards in mind. In other words we ought to be motivated by rewards. Now, when I grew up my dad had a way of motivating me with rewards. Now, we didn't have a lot of money, but he still had a way of motivating me with little rewards. He may not have given me much, but it still motivated me to know that I would get a little something at the end of the day if I worked real hard. So Jesus often motivated his disciples by telling them storie ...

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