by Stan Coffey

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Prince of Peace (1 of 5)
Stan Coffey
Psalms 2
January 19, 2003

Alright. As we begin today I want to just address one thing from the last time I was with you. We were studying the title of Jesus, the Mighty God. Isaiah said that Jesus would be called the Mighty God. I got a note from someone in the class about the lesson in the form of a question. It's alright for you to ask questions. If you want to ask a question just turn it in and I'll be glad to try and answer the question in a subsequent class. The question really is about the Trinity. Someone asked how Jesus can be God since Jesus prayed to his Father. If Jesus is God, how could Jesus pray to Himself? You know we've said that Jesus was God and someone has pointed out in Colossians it says Jesus is the image of the invisible God. I think someone was pointing out that possibly that it says Jesus was the image of the invisible God. I think they were interpreting that to mean that that doesn't mean that Jesus was actually God, that he was only the image of the invisible God.

Well, the image of the invisible God means that Jesus, that Jesus makes the invisible God known. When it says He is the image of the invisible God it simply means that God, who is Spirit, who cannot be seen, is made visible through Jesus. And God became a man an took upon human form in Jesus and God became an image. So man was able to see God when man looked at Jesus Christ. You remember that Philip said, "Show us the Father and it will suffice us this." And Jesus said, "Philip, if you have seen me you have seen the Father." So to the human mind this is confusing. If Jesus prayed to the Father, then how could he be God. How can God pray to himself?

Well this is what Dr. Criswell called imponderables, that is, this is something we take by faith. We take the Holy Trinity by faith. The way this is made possible is that God is a triune being. The way that Jesus, the Son, can p ...

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