by Stan Coffey

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When God Gives Out His Grammies (3 of 3)
Stan Coffey
Mark 10:43, 45
March 23, 2003

We're going to use our prophecy conference to kick off the study in the next book that we have not studied in Dr. LaHaye's series on The Remnant. We'll not stay in it a long time like we have most of the books. I don't want to tire you with it, but I think for the benefit of those who are coming to this conference I want to teach on The Remnant and teach on one of Dr. LaHaye's books because we're going to have many new people who will be coming to the conference. On the program of the conference there's a place for us to announce about the Pastor's Class. I think those who come to hear Dr. LaHaye will have a particular interest in his books. So, we're going to take advantage of that and do about a 6-8 week, 8 weeks at the very most on The Remnant and talk about the significance of the remnant and the significance of Israel. We'll be bringing in all the relevant information about Babylon and Iraq, about current events. So that will be our next study. We'll be giving away the book, Dr. LaHaye's book to those who want it and those who desire it by television we'll be giving it to you. That will be a study on The Remnant and we'll be beginning that study very, very soon. You'll be hearing about that. We'll be announcing that soon. In April that will be our next study. We'll be studying about the Remnant. We have exciting plans in the future for the Pastor's Class.

Well this morning be sure and give me your prayer requests on the back of your card and let us know your requests. Last week we had about two pages of prayer requests and we appreciate those. Also, please let us know those in your family who are in the military that we should be praying for. This morning we are handing out in church a list of the people we know of, that we've been given, of people in our church who have loved ones in the military. We want to be sure we conti ...

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