by Lenny Ports

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Awake from Sleep (7 of 7)
Series: Instruments of God
Lenny Ports
Ephesians 5:8-16


You are a triune being. That means that you are not just a person with a body (even though the world wants you to focus on that part of you alone). You are a body, soul, and spirit. Before you came to Christ and His life was breathed into you, you were spiritually dead. But when you came to Christ, your old man died with Him on the cross and He made you alive together with Him through His resurrection. You are now ALIVE in Christ. You have been given the very life of God, which means you have ETERNAL LIFE now living in you. And if that very life of God, which is eternal life, lives in you, you are SAVED. You are saved from whatever is coming upon the earth. You are saved from hell. You are saved from death. And now that the question of your eternal destiny is answered, God is calling you and desiring to use you to fulfill His purpose in the earth while you are here. There is much work that needs to be done before His return, and each of you has a vital part in that work. Who me? Yes you!

So while the devil knows he can't kill the church, he will do everything in his power to put the church to sleep! He knows if he can make us inactive, he will have the opportunity to prevent more from entering into heaven. God is looking for you to awake to His voice speaking to you and instructing you in the ways of the Lord. Let His light shine in you. Before you were saved, you were living in darkness and fulfilling the deeds of the darkness, but now God is calling us to awake to the dawn of a new day in Him. There are 2 purposes for His light to shine in us and through us:
His light is not only to show the difference to a dark world, but also. In the beginning darkness covered the face of the earth (in the same way, darkness covered our lives before Christ), but when God said, ''Let there be Light,'' it separated the darkness from the light.
His light to expose any darkn ...

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