by Lenny Ports

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Series: God Is - I Am
Lenny Ports
1 John 2:20

Today we are going to exalt the God who heals us. When I first got saved 31 years ago, I knew that everyone wasn't healed but I believed that God is a healer.

1 John 2:20 But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and you know all things.

In other words, when we give our lives to the Lord and He gives us His Spirit, we receive a KNOWING. We receive an impartation of KNOWLEDGE from Him. There are things we didn't know before, but now we just know them. We know God is real. We know we are saved. We know the Word is true. We know that we know that we know. So there was something in my spirit man that knew that God is a healer. And then things started to happen:

I had warts on my hands. I woke up one day and they were gone.

My mother in law had a rash on her arms from being filled with anxiety, and she was healed.

Gerri's Aunt Mary Ann had hands laid on her and was healed of arthritis. Her fingers literally straightened out.

Before I was saved, I used to have a pretty big temper. Because I was the youngest child and feeling like I wasn't as good as my older siblings, I carried a lot of frustration, and it would manifest itself with anger issues. After my conversion to Christ, one day I realized that I no longer had a temper. I was calm. I was peaceful. I knew it was the peace of God.

Gerri and I have seen people healed. We have witnessed miracles of women that couldn't get pregnant and God opening their womb and giving them the ability to have children. We have seen God heal marriages. We have seen the Lord heal people of the issues of their past. WE BELIEVE THAT GOD IS A HEALER.

Why do we believe He is a healer? Because we have seen it and because His word tells us He is. Today I believe God is looking for 2 things:

To encourage you from God's word that He is a healer, physically, emotionally, and spiritually

To pray for God to heal people today.


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