by Lenny Ports

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God Is Peace, I Am at Peace (8 of 8)
Series: God Is - I Am
Lenny Ports
Judges 6:11-24

Throughout my life as a boy growing up, I would always hear my mom say that she wished that daddy would find peace in his heart. My dad was a man who was not at peace. He was an illegitimate child born to an alcoholic couple who married but then later divorced. My dad and his brother dropped out of school in order to work and make money. They practically raised themselves. When he met my mom, he was a driver for Blue point laundry. After they were married he became a police officer in Suffolk county, Long Island, NY. I remember him bringing the police cars home and showing us the lights and the sirens. I was real proud to have a police officer. He made his way up the promotion chain from patrolman to sargeant to lieutenant to captain. No promotion brought peace to his heart. He was oppressed and the only false peace he could find was in a bottle of scotch whiskey. The memory I have of my dad is him coming home from work and having a few drinks of scotch, then falling asleep on the couch. He didn't spend his time with us or my mom. He was frustrated with his job, grinding his teeth at night as he slept. I don't remember my dad ever crying until the day his buddy our neighbor Ed Byrnes died on his living room floor of a heart attack at the age of 53. At the young age of 50, my dad would suffer his own heart attack - not surprising knowing that he kept everything inside. It was at that time that Gerri and I would give our lives to Jesus. We found that there is no peace living without the Prince of Peace. Soon thereafter dad would retire from the police force. This didn't bring him peace either. The difference now was that we and several prayer warriors that we knew were praying for him. Dad suffered a second heart attack in 1989, prostate cancer in 1992, and then leukemia in 1995. In December of 1995 he gave his heart to Lord and my mom's wish was finally granted. Even though h ...

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