by Stan Coffey

When He Shall Appear
Stan Coffey
I John 3:1-3
February 23, 2003

I had opportunity to be in revival in Alabama and had a great time and a great revival meeting. It's always a joy to preach the word of God and periodically to be able to be away. It's always a greater joy to be back home. This is the greatest place to preach on the face of the earth. I'll assure, the greatest place to worship on the face of the earth. Amen. Give yourselves a hand. You're the greatest people to preach to in all the world. I mean that with all my heart. Well, March 29th Dr. Tim LaHaye will be here on Saturday for three sessions. He will be preaching in three sessions. Dr. LaHaye, for many years, has been a preacher of the gospel. He was that long before he was a best selling author. A preacher, a writer, and now he is the best selling Christian author in all of history. Over 60 million copies of the Left Behind prophecy novels. He's only going to be in ten to twenty churches across America. We're so privileged to have him here.

I hope that all of you have gotten your ticket to the Left Behind conference because it's going to be a joy to host the conference. It would be so disappointing if you did not get in on this great conference because the second coming of Christ is going to be the next great event on God's calendar. The more we can learn about the second of Jesus the greater Christians we will be, the more prepared we will be, the more enthused we will be about witnessing for Christ. That's why we're hosting this conference. Dr. LaHaye has an unusual insight. I can't think of any subject that is more interesting in light of the fact that we are on the precipice of unusual times with war on the horizon in Iraq and all the events happening in Israel. It's going to be a special time. Don't you miss it. It's just by the providence of God and through answered prayer that we're able to have Dr. LaHaye.

Now this morning in your bulletin there's an outli ...

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