by Stan Coffey

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Worship is First Things First (2 of 2)
Series: First Things First
Stan Coffey
Matthew 5:24-30
January 12, 2003

This morning we're talking about "First Things First". In these messages beginning with the first Sunday of the year we've been talking about putting God first and going all the way through the first Sunday in February when we will have our commitment Sunday when we will commit ourselves to what we're going to do as far as our financial commitment to our church budget for 2003. We're going to be talking about putting God first. So this morning we're going to be talking specifically about first things first. In your bulletin you'll find, among other inserts, your little outline with all the scripture on it. Take that out for a moment if you will so that you can follow or turn to Matthew chapter 5 from the Sermon on the Mount, the words of the Lord Jesus. First things first. You know, man is sinful. Amen? The Bible says "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God." And because man is sinful he is often in error. He gets things confused. As a matter of fact, man gets things in reverse. Sometimes a little child will come forward and some well meaning adult will say or ask him some adult questions and if the child can't give the right answers he'll say, "Well, I guess he's not ready." But you know God didn't say that a little child had to become like an adult. Jesus said that an adult had to become like a little child if he's going to enter the kingdom of heaven. It's backward from what man thinks.

Jesus said unless you humble yourself and become as this little child you will not enter the Kingdom of heaven. Some religious faiths do the same thing about baptism. They will baptize an infant, a little baby, and then when the little baby gets older they'll try to get them to believe in Jesus. But Jesus didn't teach us that we were to baptize infants and then later on try to get them to believe. Jesus said we were to get peopl ...

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