by Lenny Ports

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Resisting Arrest - Part 2 (3 of 4)
Series: Surrender
Lenny Ports
Matthew 12:17-21

Last week, we talked about the characteristics of people that resist surrendering to God. It was 3-fold:

1) They were unwilling to relinquish control,
2) they didn't want to give up the fort (give up some things but not everything), and
3) they were not willing to become servants.

I think we can safely conclude from this that is far better to surrender than to resist it. Why? Because God is bigger than us and He is in control, but He won't use His power to force us to do anything, but rather to help us do all things in His strength.

I think the reason that some people are not willing to give it all up for Jesus is because they don't understand the goodness of God. They have had such a hard life, that it is easier for them to deal with issues on their own, rather than involve anyone, including God. The issue here is that God will allow us to continue to handle things on our own, but the day is coming that there will be something that is beyond our ability to fix, something so big that only God could deal with it.

The problem with the third issue about being a servant is that people don't really get the fact that there really is no satisfaction in life serving self. The greatest gratification comes from knowing the Lord, knowing who we are in Him, and serving Him. I love what Marshall said last week in her exhortation when she said the issue with getting the children of Israel out of Egypt had to do with worship and serving God. Moses said to Pharoah, ''Let my people go that they may serve Me.'' They couldn't serve God in Egypt. God had to deliver them out of Egypt so that they could serve and worship God freely.

Come on, maybe I should preach a message like the majority of pastors around the nation this morning preaching on THANKSGIVING. We ought to be grateful for the nation we live in and the freedoms we have to worship the true and living God! He has del ...

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