by Dave Gustavsen

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Sojourning in Babylon (1 of 5)
Series: Resident Aliens
Dave Gustavsen
Daniel 1:1-21

Good morning. Open to the book of Daniel.

Last week I had the privilege of speaking at a funeral. Really a special woman-Debbie DiFerdinando. She was a wonderful part of this Chapel community, and just so many great stories to tell. But after fifty-five years on this earth, her time here was done. Way too soon, right? But I was reminded-again-that this life that you and I are in right now-on this earth-is a temporary thing.

And the Bible has a word for that-when you stay somewhere, and you know it's not permanent-that's called a sojourn. And every time you go to a funeral-every time you lose someone you know-you're reminded that life is a sojourn.

Now, sometimes we pretend that's not true, right? We go into a sort of denial, and we spend tons of time at the gym, and we get botox injections and facelifts and tummy tucks…and we think we're holding off the aging process…and then we see a younger picture of ourselves-I saw a picture of myself at my wedding the other day-I was 22-I wore size 30 pants-I had no gray hair-I was ready to take on the world. I don't feel like that anymore. At all. So at some point we face reality and we panic and make bucket lists of all the adventurous stuff we want to do before we die.

It's temporary! It's a sojourn! And that theme of sojourning is a huge theme in the Bible!

God sent Abraham to sojourn in a foreign land. Temporary stay.

God sent Joseph and then all of his people to sojourn in Egypt. 400 years, but still a temporary stay.

And then finally God's people got their own land, but after a while God allowed them to be conquered and dragged to Babylon, where they sojourned as exiles.

And now, God allows his people to sojourn on this earth as we move toward a permanent Kingdom and a permanent home. And I want to read you what it says in the last book of the Bible about that permanent home. This is Revelation 21, verse ...

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